making ocean carbonate instruments since 1999.
The Autonomous Flow Through Instrument CO2  (AFT-CO2) has the following characteristics:
  • Measures the partial pressure of CO2in water (pCO2- wet) from 150-700 μatm (other ranges available by request)
  • Based on the same technology as the SAMI-CO2
  • Packaged to be plumbed into a sample line on a research vessel
  • Once programmed and launched, the AFT-CO2 can run autonomously or while connected to a PC if real-time data is required
  • Logs own data
  • Can be configured to support other external instruments if required
  • Uses a highly accurate colorimetric reagent method
  • Calibrated against a NIST-traceable NDIR system
  • Accurate +/- 3 μatm
  • >Designed to provide researchers with valuable data during research cruises with minimal oversight.


AFT-CO2 Performance Parameters

Typical calibration range* 150-700 μatm
Duration of use ~7,500 measurements from one reagent bag
Response time ~5 minutes
Accuracy** +/- 3 μatm
Precision <1 μatm
Long term drift <1 μatm units over 6 months
Thermistor accuracy, precision 0.1° C,  +/- 0.01º C
Dimensions (housing length, diameter) 25.4 x 30.5 x 14 cm
Weight 7 kg
 * Extended ranges possible, please contact us with questions. 
**Based on lab calibration to NIST traceable NDIR