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SuperCO2 System

  • The Shipboard Underway pCO2 Environmental Recorder (SUPER-CO2) is designed for automated shipboard analysis of seawater and atmospheric CO 2
  • Rapidly analyzes changing CO2 levels in samples as often as every 2 seconds
  • Built around a NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) gas analyzer (LI-COR 850 CO2/H2O)
  • Can use either a showerhead equilibrator or a membrane contactor to equilibrate a gas stream to the liquid sample stream
  • Uses a Windows-based tablet for control, real time display and data collection
  • Once running the unit requires minimal oversight
  • For long term accuracy the system periodically runs 3-4 standard gases (user supplied) to calibrate the NDIR system
  • Samples ambient atmospheric CO2 periodically
  • Can support a Seabird thermo-salinograph and other analog output sensors by special order