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Sunburst Participates in Commuter Challenge for 10th year

Sunburst employees have been participating in Missoula in Motion's annual Commuter Challenge for 10 years.  Missoula in Motion encourages sustainable transportation, including biking, walking, busing, carpooling, and telecommuting.  Over 100 local businesses participate in the Commuter Challenge each year, with free breakfasts and coffee for participants along bike routes, daily prize drawings, and awards given to companies with the highest percentage of participants.  in 2010 and 2011 Sunburst won the challenge in the micro-business category, with 100% participation.  This year Sunburst is again on the All-Star list, with 9 of 10 employees participating.

Sunburst has a casual atmosphere where employees are encouraged to commute sustainably.  On any summer day you will typically see several bikes in the offices and open spaces at Sunburst.    Brandon Wasser is our sustainable commute star.  He rides his bike to work every day, regardless of winter snow, spring rain, or summer heat, and he volunteers at Free Cycles, helping locals fix up their bikes or build bikes from up-cycled parts for free!